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    Basic Tuning Kit

    Basic Tuning Kit

    • No. 7 – Tuning Lever, 1 ea.
    • No. 2111 – Tuning Fork C-523.3, 1 ea.
    • No. 209 – Temperament Strip, 1 ea.
    • No. 202 – Mutes, 2 ea.
    • No. 203 – Mutes, 2 ea.
    • No. 205 – Mutes, 4 ea.
    Pedal Foot Pad

    Pedal Foot Pad

    Your new Sav-A-Rug Pad gives you both beauty and utility when installed under the pedals of your favorite piece of furniture – your piano.

    Classical Composers Busts

    Classical Composers Busts

    Your students will love to receive these at your spring or fall recital. These composer statutes are a great award!
    It is worth the price and we recommend it to all music fans. Your composer statue will hang out on your desk all day!

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